Dawns Vale

Peaceful rural fishing lake

Fishing rates, times and rules

Please call us on 07931921223

Day tickets are 8am to 6pm - £7.00 per day or part of day or see the special offer page

Night tickets are 6pm to 8am - £10.00 per night or part of night or see the special offer page

Above prices are based on 2 rods any additional rods are charged at £2.00 per rod, you must have an extra licence for this.

We have a portaloo on site, we also have picnic tables.



  • No keep nets
  • Landing nets must be used
  • Unhooking mats must be used
  • No fixed leads
  • Leads must be capable of freeing from mainline if broken off
  • No leadcore
  • All carp anglers must use line of at least 12lb breaking strain
  • No barbed hooks although we may allow micro barbed
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a fishing adult
  • Noise to be kept to a minimum
  • No fires
  • All gates must be kept closed
  • No fish to be taken or introduced
  • All rubbish must be taken away any rubbish left behind will result in a ban from this venue
  • Please leave your peg as you find it
  • Dogs by permission only

Please may we ask you to keep your mobile phone on silent and radio's to be kept to a minimum if you are fishing with other anglers, many thanks.

If you have any questions then do call us we will be happy to assist you, the fish do more biting than us ;)