Dawns Vale

Peaceful rural fishing lake

Eels at dawnsvale

Well many thanks to Mark and Adrian for coming to fish dawnsvale and what a night it turned out to be, they came to have a go at catching the monster eel that is lurking in the lake and to my surprise out came 3 that I never knew we had, here is what Mark wrote  -  I enjoyed meeting you yesterday, and we enjoyed our night’s fishing. We landed 3 eels between us, and missed a few takes that may well have been eels. I had two eels at 4lbs 2ozs and 4lbs exactly, and Adrian had one eel of 3lbs7ozs. Not the monster we were hoping for, as the biggest eel was 37inches long with a girth of 8 inches, but respectable sized specimens in excellent condition. All were liphooked, and returned unharmed. The eels are obviously not eating many small fish, or having an impact on the fishery, as the lake is full of small rudd, so I think that your decision to keep the eels in there is a wise one. I have some good photos of the eels, and I will e mail these to you when I get a chance. }}   So watch this space for the photos,  Mark is coming on a return visit soon so we will see what happens be nice to see Nessie posing for us ;)

As promised the pictures of Mark with the eels he caught Weighing in

 at 4lb 2oz and 4lb

                                                                                                                                            Weighing in at 4lb