Dawns Vale

Peaceful rural fishing lake

Dave would have been proud

And what a night/day it was thanks to Mick there they all were bivvies set ready for the night, not much happened so I hear but all had a good night and a good chin wag. I arrived back to the lake in the afternoon and things were still rather quiet, a few had caught some fish but nothing big. I chatted to them and they said how nice the lake is and how peaceful the setting is, someone wispered "don't say nothing to the guy over the back he has lost 5 fish" well that's like telling the pope not to pray! So as I walked pased I just said in a soft voice (unusal for me I know) "try putting a hook on the end of your line" lol! He followed me to the rest of the party and stated "if I aint caught anything by 3pm I am gonna do a streak round the lake" I tried to get back for 2.50 but got held up, blast. I presume he never caught anything as the pictures tell me, scroll down if your brave enough, what a sport, certainly made me smile. Well congratulations Mick you raised £140 for Arther Rank House Cambridge and I am sure they will be very grateful to you well done. I hope to see you back again soon and thank you all for coming.